Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC– A Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Tool

At the beginning of your business curve or well into the life of the company? Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective tool to customise your communication messages to reach the right audience.

Pay per click, as the name suggests, means that you only pay for the number of clicks the campaign generates through the search engine. With businesses getting smarter about the way they are showcased and sought after online, it is important that your business is visible where your customers are searching. And more often than not this search begins and ends on search engines such as Google and Bing.

The way PPC works is simple – we bid for certain keywords that are relevant to your company. The pricing of the bid may be dependent on the demand for the specific keyword. Thereafter, your ads appear in the inorganic relevant searches. This seemingly simple sounding method, however, can result in losses of lakhs of advertising money if not employed right. And that is where our team of experts come in.

It is advisable for you to invest in short target-focussed campaigns through PPC rather than long generic reputation building ones. Some campaigns to run successfully may include:
- Getting initial registrations for your business
- Promoting a new offer
- A geography-based offer
and so on.
How do we promise to deliver a successful PPC campaign?

Keyword Strategy

The selection of keywords is the most important element of a PPC campaign. Unless the selected keywords are a true amalgamation of our product features and customer needs, this campaign is destined to be a failure.

Getting over the ego of #1

Very often, the need to be on the top of the Search page drives up the price for a keyword – such is this very smartly crafted algorithm across search engines. We, as a neutral third party, are able to distinguish genuine need from desire to make the most of any campaign financially.

Evaluating results

The beauty of PPC is the ability to create a campaign in almost 24 hours and then keep revising it basis results. With campaigns and clearly set goals, we are able to evaluate the performance of the campaign real-time and track conversions.

Quality audits

With a robust team such as ours, we are able to build a campaign and manage it effectively. Quality is what search engines seek when they test brands for campaigns.

Quality audits This means not just the keywords but also the quality of the landing page, content quality of these pages, track record of campaigns, changes made and so on – these impact your quality score. Quality Score is a new parameter added by search engines to audit ads running on their platforms and are decided on the basis of quality of ad, performance of the ad and finally the quality of the page that the ad redirects to.

With our comprehensive web-based solutions, we take care of all three elements to render a successful PPC campaign for you.

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