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Web development is the larger umbrella under which web design and content development are components. For successful delivery of your website on a handheld device or computer of your customer, there are several factors beyond the design.

  • Is the storage space of your server good enough?
  • Is the data secure?
  • Are people able to transact safely through our website?
  • Can it take high levels of traffic without slowing down?
  • Does the coding allow for quick changes?
  • Which is the best platform to build your site on?

These are just some of the questions that our team of experienced and specialized web developers will be able to answer for you. We have drawn our team from a plethora of backgrounds and technical talents, and this holds us in good stead when working across a cross-section of industries. Web development is, predominantly, split into two parts – developing the portal and testing of the website.

Developing the portal

This includes deciding the architecture of the website – deciding the order in which information will be showcased, designing the interface, server side coding which impacts the functionality of the site as well as the back-end systems. Additionally, deciding the scripting language such as Ruby, PHP, Python and so on, securing the server through use of the appropriate technologies, and creating CMS for the website also come under the gamut of web development.


Once the website is developed and ready, it goes through the imperative phase of testing. This is basically to ensure that every feature of the website is working fine before it goes live. Online transactions, loading of pages, responsiveness, ability to take loads, etc are some of the aspects that have to be necessarily tested before going to market.

Our engagement doesn’t end at this. After handover of the website, we train your team on relevant aspects of the site – updating it basically. We stay with you to handhold you through the initial teething phase and overcome problems that are bound to crop up at this point.

Our web development services include:

We work on both project basis as well as extend our relationship with clients on a retainer basis to maintain the website regularly. As a start-up ourselves, we especially love working with all you entrepreneurs out there. So, if you have an idea that you think can be brought alive interestingly online, call us! A coffee is all it will cost you and we can talk about the best options you have.

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