Brand – Your Company And Product Personified!

We work with you in developing a brand that breaks through the clutter and develop a voice that stands out from the rest. We offer strategic branding solutions. We have a robust team of brand and design professionals who collaborate to apply the principles of branding and design to curate the best branding solution for you.

What should the company be called, the logo, how would the brand come alive and so on – these are crucial elements that can make or break your brand. And with a wide spectrum of experience encompassing a broad range of industries, our team is equipped to handle diverse industry needs.

Brand research

We work with you in conducting thorough research with your stakeholders and target audience. This exercise allows us to get insights into the minds of the customer, identify the specific need we are fulfilling.

Brand strategy

Branding is a scientific exercise – numbers rule the roost as far as tenets of branding go. Thus the research conducted throws up a lot of answers that any brand seeks.

Brand platform

This is where the actual language comes into play. The tagline, collateral designs and promises give your company its personality, and we articulate all this in a comprehensive branding manual we develop for you.

Brand identity

This is where the look of the brand is worked on. The logo, the colours of the brand, collaterals such as envelopes, letterheads and such, typography and brand imagery – these are some of the elements that come under the Brand Identity module.

Brand collaterals

We set guidelines on use of the brand across collaterals – be it in advertisements, training manuals, appointment letters, case studies, presentations, annual reports and so on.

Brand packaging

This is specifically relevant in the FMCG space as well as high technical products. Be it the packaging or product manuals, we work with brands in developing these too.

Once we undertake the process of developing your brand, we encapsulate everything – our learning’s, our thought process, the philosophy we propose for you and collaterals developed – into a manual and hand it over. Once this is done, we undertake extensive and comprehensive training for relevant stakeholders – media relations executives, designers, social media managers to ensure the trickle-down of information is effective.

We are also happy to work with you in regular brand audits – a check through an on-ground activation on the perception of the brand in minds of the target audiences. This is, definitely, a worthwhile exercise to undertake in two-three years of your brand’s existence.

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