Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing is still among the best!

With the rise and rise of social media, e-mail marketing had taken a backseat for a brief while, until marketers realised the true potential of the tool and the benefits they were missing out on. The focused reach of e-mail marketing cannot be replicated across any other platform – social media or otherwise. And that is how it has come back to the marketing plans of most serious brand managers.

Any e-mail sent to a prospective client – individual or group – may be categorized as E-mail marketing. We work with you in ensuring this attempt is leveraged to the maximum, and not just another effort in wooing clients.

Why is E-mail Marketing still one of the most sought after tools of marketing?

Brand research

We work with you in conducting thorough research with your stakeholders and target audience. This exercise allows us to get insights into the minds of the customer, identify the specific need we are fulfilling.

Brand strategy

Branding is a scientific exercise – numbers rule the roost as far as tenets of branding go. Thus the research conducted throws up a lot of answers that any brand seeks.

Brand platform

This is where the actual language comes into play. The tagline, collateral designs and promises give your company its personality, and we articulate all this in a comprehensive branding manual we develop for you.

The kind of content that may work best through e-mailers are of several types.


Weekly or monthly newsletters can be very effectively sent to a database through any of the e-mailing service providers. With options such as opt-ins and subscriptions, we can ensure the database is screened to only contain interested parties and not disinterested ones.


Invitations to special previews, launches or the like can be sent out to a larger audience via these mass mailing services.


While social media would blast out your brand’s offers from time to time, its visibility would be subject to several factors. An e-mail, on the other hand, sits in your customer’s inbox until she / he checks it.

Introductory letters

Once a customer opts for your subscription or becomes a part of your community, an automatic mail can be sent to them introducing them to the offering, benefits of being a part of it and so on.

As an E-mail Marketing service provider, we work with you in identifying the best message to communicate using this tool, devising the optimal way to communicate it, evaluating the results continually through multiple dashboards and, finally, revising the communication to suit the business goal.

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