Search Engine Optimization

Optimise your digital avatar to benefit your brand on search engines

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly called, is a brilliant tool to enhance the searchability of your company in today’s digital world. The days of bunging in webpage content with relevant keywords to remain at the top of that Google search page is gone! Today Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is popularly called, is about intelligently charting the path that your audience takes before they get to your page.
Creating a search-friendly webpage is as much about the right design coupled with original and contextual content, as it is about on-page and off-page linking. There are several factors that make a website search-friendly. With guidelines introduced by search engines remaining dynamic, we are equipped to ensure your website is in keeping with the latest from the space and ensure your ranking for the relevant keywords. We draw our team from the best that India has to offer. With experience spanning various sectors, we believe in building a good base to ensure a great product to market.

Website audit

Our engagement begins with a website audit to gauge the current situation and suggest the most-suited solution for the website. This takes into account your communication needs and includes an analysis of where you stand vis-a-vis competition.

Keyword Strategy

We work with you in devising an effective keyword strategy that will form the base of a successful digital campaign. This helps in understanding the keywords that have to be used for the text as well as bidding for those specific words.

Designing content

The keywords are strategically woven into the text of the website, to not spur off any black-hat techniques that most search engines are equipped to fend off, thus backfiring on our entire effort.

Linking keywords

We employ methods to nor just optimize keywords from our own text, but also work with you in identifying the right back-links to our website from other platforms. Google and other search engines take this as a measure of authenticity when other trusted websites give a back-link to yours.

We work with a team of seasoned professionals in ensuring your journey from audit to strategy, content development and final implementation is seamlessly carried out at a single location.

We also do not look at this as a one-time exercise. Optimising your content for ever-evolving search engine algorithms requires constant updation. Through regular eye on results of the SEO campaign, our team – based in India – is able to identify new trends and plug it with dynamic solutions.

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